Engineered Functional Materials

The Engineered Functional Materials research theme is built on our international reputation in the area of nanomaterials and polymer science focusing on the development of functional materials, films and coatings which can be nanostructured or patterned. This program of activity has been informed emerging trends across the manufacturing sector including additive manufacturing, smart materials and devices and materials innovation to enable the Circular Economy with an emphasis on sustainable and recyclable materials.

AMBER researches the use of new material synthesis and disruptive fabrication techniques (including additive manufacture) to create ground-breaking systems and devices. These range from fabricating molecularly distinguishing membranes through to 3D printed electronic devices. It encompasses concepts such as rational molecular design through self-assembly and device fabrication.

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AMBER has a strong emphasis on collaboration. Central to AMBER’s research remit are collaborative projects performed with industry partners, and working with academic, industry and wider stakeholder on international and national research programmes.

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