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The AMBER mission is ‘to partner with our member companies to deliver world-class materials innovations and translate these into impacts for economic, environmental, health and societal impacts, providing solutions through collaborative research’

AMBER mission

The Centres’ strategy reflects the three main pillars:

i) World-class materials innovation resulting from the excellence of our research which underpins everything we do,

ii) Partnership and engagement with industry not only on collaborative research, but also to contribute to the ethos of the centre in terms of governance & strategy, emerging research challenges and researcher development, and

iii) Impact with a focus on ensuring efficient translation of our research for economic, environmental, health and societal impacts.

We are at the forefront of driving advances in materials science and bioengineering and translating research excellence into new discoveries and devices. Our research develops technology to address industrial and global challenges from novel data processing and memory applications, energy storage and energy-efficient devices, regenerative medicine and drug delivery systems through to plastics sustainability and supporting key national targets such as our zero-carbon 2050 target.


AMBER delivers a unique, integrated capability for materials research to accelerate innovation:

  • Brings together Irelands leading researchers across nine higher education institutions
  • Provides access to advanced facilities
  • Provides a gateway to significant European funding
  • Has a team of professional supports to scope, build, and ensure completion of projects to the highest standards, with IP and knowledge transfer capability.

Collaborate with AMBER

AMBER has a strong emphasis on collaboration. Central to AMBER’s research remit are collaborative projects performed with industry partners, and working with academic, industry and wider stakeholder on international and national research programmes.

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