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Jonathan Coleman Professor

Prof. Coleman is a TCD Professor and Head of the School of Physics. He was 2012 SFI researcher of the year, and is ranked as one of the 100 top materials scientists globally of the last decade. His work is cited over 9,000 times per annum, and he is Ireland’s most cited Physicist internationally. He is acknowledged as a global leader in liquid processing of 2D materials,  has published >350 papers in international journals including Nature and Science, and has an H-index of 118.

With research interests in the study of low-dimensional nanostructures including graphene, inorganic 2D nanosheets and carbon nanotubes, the group focuses on liquid processing of these nanomaterials with the aim of developing nano-enabled applications in areas such as printed electronic devices and energy storage. He co-leads one of the work packages for the 10 year, pan¬European, 1 billion euro Graphene Flagship, in research and commercialisation of graphene and related 2D materials. In 2015, he was awarded an ERC Advanced award for €2.2 M to further his work on 2D materials for printed electronics. This research examines the use or 2D nanosheets to develop nano-composites that can be used in areas such as electromechanical sensing for health monitoring.

Prof. Coleman has responsibility for leading the 2D materials pillar programme and co-leading the Engineered Functional Materials theme. This theme centres on the use of additive manufacturing (AM) techniques to allow design of material systems and devices. The aim is not to develop AM enabled product design but to extend applications through precursor synthesis and integration of techniques (e.g. self-assembly) to fabricate functional systems by design for transistors and membranes.

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