• SunPilot


Prof. Parvaneh Mokarian

H2020 NMBP programme

Prof. Mokarian is coordinating SunPilot, Piloting of Innovative Subwavelength Nanostructure Technology for Optical and Injection Moulding Applications. SUN-PILOT is an EU-funded collaboration that aims to prototype an industrial and cost-effective process for creating nanostructures similar to the moth eye on a variety of materials. Using advanced polymer chemistry, plasma etching and injection moulding techniques, the surface properties of target materials will be transformed. Some will become antireflective and hydrophobic, whilst others will become more tactile and softer to touch. With SUN-PILOT, biomimicry will come to life. SunPilot was awarded €8.2M  under H2020 NMBP programme. SunPilot aims to develop a novel and cost-effective platform for up-scaling the fabrication of sub-wavelength nanostructures across large and non-planar surfaces.

Prof. Mokarian said “Current anti-reflection solutions typically rely on thin-film coatings comprising multiple layers of materials deposited on to each and every reflecting surface along the optical path. These coatings require careful design and engineering of the thicknesses and refractive index of the thin-films, and batch processes that involve relatively high temperatures. This is not commercially viable with plastic screens used, for example, in tablet and mobile phone screens.”

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