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Si Drive

Prof. Kevin Ryan

Prof. Kevin Ryan is coordinating Si-DRIVE a H2020 project that aims to developing the next generation of rechargeable Li-ion batteries to tackle the major barriers to electric vehicle (EV) uptake which relate to driving range, cost and recharge times, by completely re-imagining the lithium ion battery. Si-DRIVE will develop the next generation of rechargeable Li-ion batteries, allowing for cost competitive mass market EVs by transformative materials and cell chemistry innovations, delivering enhanced safety with superior energy density, cycle life and fast charging capability using sustainable and recyclable components. The technology encompasses amorphous Si coated onto a conductive copper silicide network as the anode with polymer/ionic liquid electrolytes and Li-rich high voltage (Co-free) cathodes via processes that are scalable and demonstrably manufacturable within Europe. The components have been demonstrated at TRL3 through preliminary lab-scale analysis, with a clear component improvement strategy to arrive at a TRL5 prototype demonstration by the end of Si-DRIVE.


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