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Statement on COP 28

14 December 2023

AMBER welcomes the revision of the statement on Wednesday 13th December, the commitment to the 1.5 degree Centigrade target and 2050 emission pledges.  The recognition that fossil fuels are a key driver of climate change and need to be phased out is an important step in delivering the 2030 and 2050 goals.  However the lack of real milestone targets linked to quantifiable deliverables is deeply worrying.  Further agreements that develop an actionable and progress monitorable plan have to be developed as quickly as possible.


AMBER’s Director Prof Mick Morris commented: “The money set-aside to help de-fossilize, particularly for smaller nations, is woefully short of what is needed to achieve meaningful changes that allow the 1.5C target to be reached. The need for action is urgent and the renewable energy targets are ambitious if they can be funded and implemented in the next 6 years to 2030.  Unless real and meaningful mandatory actions are imposed, much of the COP28 agreement will be hollow”

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