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SFI Frontiers for the Future Funding Awards

27 May 2024

AMBER Researchers Professor Igor Shvets and Professor Danny Kelly both of Trinity College Dublin have been successfully awarded funding in the Science Foundation Ireland Frontiers for the Future. These awards provide opportunities for independent investigators to conduct highly-innovative, original research on important questions.

Prof Kelly’s project with Co-Applicant Professor Pieter Brama of University College Dublin is:

‘Engineering Structurally Anisotropic And Mechanically Functional Musculoskeletal Tissues By Guiding The Fusion, Differentiation And (Re)Modelling Of Stem Cell Derived Cartilage Spheroids’

The field of tissue engineering seeks to combine cells and scaffolding materials to grow replacement tissues. Despite decades of research, existing strategies are unable to produce engineered tissues with the same structure and function as normal tissues, limiting their clinical utility. The goal of this project is to use emerging 3D (bio)printing technologies to help recreate the conditions that instruct normal tissue development, thereby enabling the engineering of musculoskeletal tissues.

Prof Shvets project with Co-Applicant Professor Karsten Fleischer of Dublin City University is:

‘Nanolaminates: Synthetic High Performance Materials (Lasima)’

To meet targets for sustainability and climate action it is key to develop manufacturing technologies and materials minimising energy use during production. Unfortunately, in many fields abundant materials with sufficient performance have already been pushed to their physical limits. This methodology will enable known, sustainable materials to perform beyond their intrinsic capacity and will develop novel multi-layered materials

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