• Rocco Lupoi

Rocco Lupoi Associate Professor

Prof. Lupoi is Associate Professor at Department of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering, Trinity College Dublin. He is a mechanical engineer by background, and has investigated the concepts, and working mechanisms, of a novel technologies capable of dissipating energy in engineering systems against the occurrence of unwanted events (such as earthquakes, crashes and collisions) and with the potential of being 100% re-usable. He has significant research expertise in innovative melt-free material additive processes and is a recognized expert of Cold Spray and other deposition additive manufacturing methods. He is one of the inventors of a LASER-based coating technology known as “SprayLaze”. Dr. Lupoi current research interests are in exploring new manufacturing processes and the potential of Cold Spray as metal Additive Manufacturing method; he is the lead PI of a large research project in this topic funded by the European Space Agency (Technology Research Programme – TRP) at aims to develop deposition methods on 3D printed metal components at reduced costs

He is a significant contributor to high-rank publications, such as Nature Publishing Group – NPG journal. He holds patents, and has formed a spin-off company with co-workers (Laser Fusion Tech.), to commercialize the processes he has developed. Prof. Lupoi has an extensive research network in Europe (Ireland, UK, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, France) and the rest of the World (China, US, Canada). In recognition to his research career, he was elected Fellow of Trinity College Dublin in 2019 and Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (FIMMM) in 2022.

His current work with AMBER is focused on the development of free-form printing of orthopedic implants with selective laser melting, which also involves research on biomedical compatibility of the three-dimensional manufactured parts.

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