• Wolfgang Schmitt

Wolfgang Schmitt Professor

Prof.  Wolfgang Schmitt’s research interests focus on the supramolecular chemistry of hybrid organic-inorganic materials aiming to exploit these advanced materials for sustainable energy applications, catalysis and molecular magnetic devices. Current activities focus on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for hydrogen storage applications, CO2 fixation and activation, bio-mimetic syntheses, self-assembly processes, synthetic approaches to nanoscopic clusters (polyoxometalates and other coordination clusters) and molecular coordination cages.

Through his ERC Consolidator project SUPRAMOL,  subsequent ERC Proof-of-Concept awards and Science Foundation Ireland-funded projects in particular, Professor Schmitt and his research team have examined metal-organic materials (MOFs) and other porous inorganic compounds. These materials can be functionalised and reveal unique, intrinsic micro- and macro-molecular structures that allow efficient capture of CO2.

The technology that will be explored through the POC grant should have exceptionally low operational CO2 capture costs, be modular and not be restricted to fixed locations or CO2 point sources. As a result, it could conceptually lead to negative or net zero CO2 emissions.

Prof. Schmitt’s research provides a route to develop practical solutions to ameliorate global warming and bring national and international environmental and societal benefits as well as economic development to Ireland. It is a central component of AMBER’s programme looking at making breakthrough advances in creating materials and technologies that can foster a sustainable future.

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