• Paul McCloskey

Paul McCloskey Associate Professor

Paul McCloskey has been the Head of the Integrated Magnetics Group at the Tyndall National Institute since 2015. This research group specialises in the development of integrated magnetics technology for power conversion. Prior to his present position, Paul was a Senior Technologist in electronics at Enterprise Ireland for 7 years and a Senior Research Officer at the Tyndall National Institute for 10 years. Previously, Paul, worked in electronics manufacturing at Bourns Electronics in Cork and at AVX Ltd in Coleraine. Paul graduated with a PhD in “Nanostructured Magnetic Material for High Frequency Integrated Power Conversion” from University College Cork in 2013.  He also holds an MSc in Microelectronics and Microcomputer Applications obtained in 1991 and an MSc in Energy Studies obtained in 1984 both from the University of Ulster.  Paul graduated with a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the Queens University Belfast in 1981.

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