• Mauro Ferreira

Mauro Ferreira Associate Professor

Mauro Ferreira is an Associate Professor of Physics. With a PhD in Mathematical Physics (Imperial College, London) followed by a postdoctoral research position at the Applied Physics Department of TUDelft (The Netherlands), he now leads the Theory and Modelling group in the School of Physics of Trinity College Dublin and AMBER Research Centre.

Mauro has an excellent track record in the field of Nanoscience and his research activities are mainly focused on the central theme of physical properties of low-dimensional nanostructures. As a Mathematical Physicist, Mauro has the natural enthusiasm for modelling the physical world in mathematical terms and this is reflected both in his research and in his teaching philosophy. Some of his research achievements are in the understanding of mechanical, electronic and magnetic properties of carbon nanostructures and more recently in the field of neuromorphic computing. Mauro has over 110 articles published in high impact-factor peer-reviewed journals and maintains a network of collaborations with scientists worldwide.

Regarding his current research activities, his group’s focus has been mainly in studying the physical properties of heavily disordered structures and particular attention is given to inverse problems in complex media [1-3]. From the nano to the macro scales, disorder is ubiquitous in all materials and must be thoroughly accounted for in any study involving materials.

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