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Farzan Gity Doctor

Dr Farzan Gity holds a PhD in Electronics Engineering – Photonics from Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Ireland (2013). His PhD project was on the design, integration and fabrication of Ge/Si near-infrared avalanche photodiodes. Following his PhD, and through a 1.5-year post-doctoral position – PI: Brian Corbett – working on an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership project with InfiniLED (later on acquired by Oculus-Facebook-Meta), Dr Gity contributed to developing the micro-LED technology for near-infrared wavelengths for the first time and transferred the technology to the company. He then joined the MicroNano Systems Centre in Tyndall on a two-year IRC GOI post-doctoral fellowship on investigating low-dimensional semi-metals for nanoelectronics applications. Since then, Dr Gity contributed significantly to various collaborative projects with INTEL and Applied Materials, specifically on 2D materials. Dr Gity is/has been Tyndall PI of a couple of EU-funded projects as well as an SFI-TIDA project. In 2019, he was awarded UCC’s “Early Stage Researcher of the Year Award”. This award is to recognize and celebrate those UCC researchers who are making exceptional and influential research contributions. He has authored over 60 research papers and more than 30 conference presentations (8 invited talks), have 1 patent, and 2 IDFs mainly centred around photonics and nanoelectronics materials and device architectures.

His current research activities are on the simulation, fabrication and characterisation of novel materials and devices, for use in the semiconductor device industry, which are undertaken in conjunction with industrial partners. A recent example is an INTEL supported project aimed at understanding the properties of large-area grown polycrystalline 2D materials. This work is part of a wider endeavour of exploring 2D materials for front-end-of-line (FEOL) and/or back-end-of-line (BEOL) integration into CMOS technology which have the potential to dramatically reduce the overall power consumption of computing systems. Dr Gity is an AMBER Funded Investigator.

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