• David Hoey

David Hoey Associate Professor

Dr. David Hoey is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering and Principal Investigator (PI) in the Trinity Centre for Biomedical Engineering and the Advanced Materials and Bioengineering Research (AMBER) Centre at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). He is also Director of the Discipline of Biomedical Engineering and was elected Fellow of TCD in 2021. He leads a multidisciplinary research group focusing on musculoskeletal mechanobiology, mechanotransduction, and materials for regeneration in which he has pioneered research on the mechanisms of mechanotransduction involved in bone mechanoadaptation, particularly in the area of the primary cilium.

This fundamental research has inspired novel mechanotherapeutics, extracellular vesicle-based therapies, and biomaterials fabricated via Melt Electrowriting that mimic the beneficial effect of biophysical stimuli to treat bone defects and orthopaedic diseases such as osteoporosis. He is also PI on several commercial projects developing novel biomaterials for musculoskeletal and vascular repair.

Collaborate with AMBER

AMBER has a strong emphasis on collaboration. Central to AMBER’s research remit are collaborative projects performed with industry partners, and working with academic, industry and wider stakeholder on international and national research programmes.

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