• Alessandro Lunghi

Alessandro Lunghi Assistant Professor

Alessandro holds a Ph.D. in computational inorganic chemistry, received in 2016 from the University of Florence. His Ph.D. dissertation focused on the computational and theoretical investigation of molecular magnets and their interaction with typical solid-state environments. In 2016 he joined the School of Physics at Trinity College Dublin as a research fellow and started working on machine-learning methods for the design of new molecular materials and first-principles theory for spin relaxation in magnetic molecules. In 2020 he was awarded a European Research Council Starting Grant and in 2021 he was appointed as Assistant Professor in Physics at Trinity College Dublin, where is now leading his independent research group.

Alessandro’s group develops ab initio multi-scale computational strategies for the design of spin systems of interest for quantum science, magnetic resonance, spintronics and many other fields. We combine advanced electronic structure theory, open quantum system theory and machine learning in order to establish a rigorous understanding of spin dynamics and to design novel materials with application-tailored properties.

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