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Nanomaterials: Inflammation & Cancer Symposium

14 December 2023

We were delighted to co-sponsor the Nanomaterials: Inflammation & Cancer Sympsoium in the PACCAR Theatre Trinity College Dublin on Tuesday 12th December.

The Symposium brought together experts in cancer and inflammatory response who employ nanomaterials in novel ways to interact with cells and tissue in such ways as to suppress tumour progression and/or control the inflammatory response. Cosponsored by Boston College, the All Island Cancer Research Institute (AICRI) Ireland America Science Forum (IASF) and AMBER Trinity College Dublin, this gathering of minds was an opportunity to share recent advances and forge new collaborations at a critical materials -medicine nexus.

Ferris Professor Michael J. Naughton of Boston College & IASF and Professor William Gallagher of University College Dublin and co-lead of AICRI Hosted

Special thanks once again to Guest Speaker Ciarán Seoighe Deputy Director General of Science Foundation Ireland and all of the speakers:

Timothy Connolly – Research Professor of Biology Boston College
Caroline Curtin – Senior Lecturer, Anatomy & Regenerative Medicine Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)
Seamas Donnelly – Professor of Medicine Trinity College Dublin
Aisling Dunne – Associate Professor School of Biochemistry & Immunology & School of Medicine Trinity College Dublin
Róisín Dwyer – Associate Professor Translational Science University of Galway
Fiona Freeman – Assistant Professor School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering University College Dublin
Ed Lavelle – Professor School of Biochemistry & Immunology Trinity College Dublin
Helen McCarthy – Professor & Associate Pro-Vide-Chancellor School of Pharmacy Queen’s University Belfast
Chris Scott – Professor School of Medicine, Dentistry & Biomedical Sciences Queen’s University Belfast


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