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AMBER PI Jonathan Coleman receives Materials Science Leader Award

24 April 2023

Jonathan Coleman MRIA, Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy in the School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin and AMBER PI has been recognised for his contribution to materials science and has won  Research.com Materials Science Leader Award for 2023. He has been named #245 in the world ranking and #1 in Ireland by the site.

Professor Jonathan Coleman is internationally known for developing liquid phase exfoliation (LPE), a scalable process for converting layered materials into two-dimensional (2D) nanosheets. Since first producing LPE-graphene, Coleman’s team has demonstrated exfoliation of more than 25 layered compounds, building LPE into one of the standard methods for producing 2D nanosheets. Access to this material set has allowed Coleman’s team to develop new characterisation and processing methods and to pioneer applications of 2D materials in areas including nanocomposites, sensors, printed electronics and energy storage.

Research.com is a leading global academic platform for researchers. The ranking is based on D-index (Discipline H-index) metric, which only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline. The ranking includes only leading scientists with D-index of at least 40 for academic publications made in the area of Materials Science.

Read the full world ranking and the full ranking for Ireland as well as the statistics and trends from Research.com.

The School wishes to congratulate Professor Coleman and his team for all of their hard work and for the leadership that the team has demonstrated in the field of material science.

Article originally appeared on TCD Physics news here



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