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AMBER Investigator receives funding to reinvent additive manufacturing

4 September 2023

While additive manufacturing (AM) is deemed the future of industrial production for its exceptional freedom in design, several technical limits hinder its full exploitation. AMBER investigator Prof. Lupoi is Assistant Professor at Department of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering, Trinity College Dublin along with Coordinator Politecnico di Milano,and partners in University of Stuttgart and University College Dublin aim to use MadeCold to re-invent AM to tackle these challenges and expand its market to uncharted areas.

They will demonstrate that MadeCold outperforms the existing technologies regarding the accuracy, deposition rate, flexibility and scalability and paves the way to depositing functional multi-material structures with unprecedented properties to benefit 3 key sectors: aerospace, energy and hybrid manufacturing.

Just one of 53 new projects that will receive altogether up to €169.5 million and will develop cutting-edge technologies throughout a wide range of fields, MadeCold was chosen for funding from 783 proposed projects submitted to the European Innovation Council EICPathfinder.

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