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AMBER calls for Science Careers Action Plan as Sector accounts for 18% of job vacancies

10 November 2023

AMBER, the SFI Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research hosted by Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is calling for a Science Careers Action Group in light of SOLAS’ National Skill Bulletin released earlier this week.

The Research Centre entering its 10th year and with links to RCSI, UCC, University of Galway, Tyndall DCU, University of Limerick, TUS and UCD is seeking an interdepartmental working group to establish a Science, Research & Development Careers Action Plan which will take account of the green transition and climate goals.

Scientific Director of AMBER Professor Mick Morris stated, “It is striking but unfortunately no surprise that Science, Engineering and Research & Development and IT account for 18% of the Online Job Vacancy Adverts. This is reflective of what we are seeing at every stage of Science and Research career development, it is getting harder to recruit PhD, MSc students and trainees. This need for skilled workers in the Science and Research Sector alongside the report’s acknowledgement of re-skilling and upskilling requirements to meet the green transition and to meet climate change requires immediate action. The current shortage of workers in Science whilst the country is in a state of full employment is greater than that of health and construction, which Science and Research obviously also plays an important role in. Scientific Research and innovation provides for progress and sustainable innovation within health and construction and will play a pivotal role within these sectors in light of the green transition and Ireland’s increasing and aging population.

AMBER’s Executive Director Dr Lorraine Byrne said of the report, “We are calling for a working group and an action plan similar to the recent Careers in Construction Action plan launched by Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science this Summer. Science, Research and Development traverses all Government Departments with relevance to Health, Housing, Agriculture, Enterprise, Climate, Energy, Transport and more. Advanced Materials and Materials Science which the AMBER Centre specialises in, play a role in everything that we utilise and how modern society functions. An action plan is needed to ensure that the sector has sufficiently skilled personnel now and into the future to meet Ireland’s economic and societal challenges, and realise the vision set out in the Whitepaper on Enterprise for Irish-based enterprise to succeed through competitive advantage founded on sustainability, innovation and productivity, delivering rewarding jobs and livelihoods. There is a need to critically review research infrastructure, PhD stipends, and research investment on an ongoing basis to match the ambition set out in the National Development plan and IMPACT 2030 and address the challenges we face.


SOLAS National Skills Bulletin https://www.solas.ie/f/70398/x/2b3fd7d856/national-skills-bulletin-2023.pdf

Careers in Construction Action Plan:  https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/2733a-careers-in-construction-action-plan/

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