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AMBER at Industry 5.0

24 November 2023

AMBER’s Funding and International Engagement Manager Deirdre Caden recently represented AMBER at Industry 5.0. Industry 5.0 is an emerging paradigm for a future-proof industry that goes beyond efficiency and productivity by restoring and regenerating planetary resources, providing the European Union with economic, social and material stability (Industry 5.0 (europa.eu). It is based on three pillars: human-centricity, sustainability and resilience. It supports the shift of industry towards a new paradigm as a powerful lever to help the planet (i.e. an industry that remains within the planetary boundaries), leaves no one behind and actively contributes to wellbeing and planetary regeneration.

With an increasing uptake of Industry 5.0 principles in Europe and beyond, the concept is rapidly moving from awareness raising to implementation. In parallel with the green transition, a successful digital transformation and technology conversion of companies require new business and governance models built on lean management, worker empowerment, and their active involvement in co-designing digital and technological change. The shift “from efficiency to resilience” is the essence of Industry 5.0 and can bridge the gap in building a positive link between society and industry.

Industry 5.0 Community of Practice (CoP 5.0)[1] is a European Initiative of the DG-RTD to bring together a broad range of European innovation ecosystem stakeholders to share good practices, co-create actions to implement Industry 5.0 and provide a platform for members to network and establish new collaborations. It will help create a value proposition for stakeholders at the local, regional, national, and European levels to promote and apply Industry 5.0 principles and practices. It will facilitate an opportunity for stakeholders to share ideas, foster synergies, and receive support in transforming traditional business models into more impactful ones. Two Working Groups (Thematic Analysis and Prototype Industry 5.0 Assessment Tool) will start work in a meeting in mid December 2023.

[1] CoP 5.0 Call for expression of interest in joining CoP piloting phase has attracted more than 100 applicants who represent a broad variety of EU stakeholders (industries, SMEs, start-ups, investors, national, regional and local authorities, universities, R&I organisations, umbrella organisations etc.)

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AMBER has a strong emphasis on collaboration. Central to AMBER’s research remit are collaborative projects performed with industry partners, and working with academic, industry and wider stakeholder on international and national research programmes.

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