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5 AMBER Investigators on Research.com’s Best Materials Scientists National Top 10

9 May 2024

AMBER Principal and Funded Investigators have featured prominently in the Research.com Best Materials Science Scientists in Ireland and World Rankings. 5 AMBER Investigators feature in the National Top 10 with Professor Jonathan Coleman taking 1st place. The full list of the 12 AMBER researchers who featured on the list can be found below:

Jonathan N. Coleman (TCD) 1st Nationally and 255 in the World

Yurii K. Gun’ko (TCD) 6th Nationally and 2429 in the World

Stefano Sanvito (TCD) 7th Nationally and 2457 in the World

Valeria Nicolosi (TCD) 8th Nationally and 2853 in the World

Justin Holmes (UCC) 9th Nationally and 2932 in the World

Michael Morris (TCD) 11th Nationally and 3710 in the World

Andreas Heise (RCSI) 15th Nationally and 5809 in the World

John Boland (TCD) 17th Nationally and 6119 in the World

Igor Shvets (TCD) 20th Nationally and 8743 in the World

John Donegan (TCD) 22nd Nationally and 8984 in the World

Hongzhou Zhang (TCD) 23rd Nationally and 9020 in the World

Ortwin Hess (TCD) 26th Nationally and 9842 in the World

This is the 3rd edition of Research.com ranking of the best researchers in the arena of Materials Science and is based on data derived from a wide range of data sources including OpenAlex and CrossRef. The bibliometric data for devising the citation-based metrics were gathered on 21-11-2023. Position in the ranking is based on a researcher’s D-index (Discipline H-index), which includes exclusively publications and citation metrics for an examined discipline. More info here: https://research.com/scientists-rankings/materials-science/ie

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