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Central to AMBER’s research remit are the collaborative projects performed with each of our industry partners. The industry partners are diverse, both in terms of sectors and scale, covering the four primary sectors of ICT, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Industrial Technologies. A measure of the international competitiveness of AMBER is the sustained level of investment we have received from our multinational industry partners, in particular our strategic partners Intel, Merck Millipore, Nokia Bell Labs and Johnson & Johnson. These companies rank within the top 100 R&D investing companies worldwide.

AMBER is offering a free consultancy service to aid companies or medical institutions on materials challenges. We will match companies with our leading scientists to provide expert advice and will provide a consultancy report within 10 days of receiving project sign-off.


The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a vast and still growing range of challenges for societies worldwide. AMBER scientists would like to offer their help and support to companies and medical institutions during the crisis. With our world-leading scientists we have a wealth of expertise that can assist industry with materials challenges in diverse areas such as surfaces, diagnostics, manufacturing, PPE, infection control and materials for medical devices.

What we provide:

Our initial consultancy report will provide companies with best available research, literature reviews, and advice from our team of experts. With heavily restricted lab access at our partner institutions, further lab work, testing or analysis to respond to companies’ query will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

How it works:

Please complete this online form or contact Dr Keith Alden, Business Development Manager on 0873640382 or Keith.Alden@tcd.ie AMBER will provide feedback on all requests.
Please allow 2 working days for us to review and respond to your request. All consultancy will be covered by the Covid-19 Consultancy Agreements which must be signed before AMBER undertakes work.


AMBER list of research areas

Our scientists span a wide range of research areas, not limited to:

  • Nanomaterials
  • Spectroscopic and microscopic characterisation
  • Polymer chemistry & materials Science
  • Membranes and coatings
  • Antimicrobial surfaces
  • Metals
  • Surface science and surface engineering
  • Chemical functionalisation
  • 3D printing of polymers, metals and ceramics
  • Polymers for drug delivery
  • Tissue engineering
  • Micro/nano Manufacturing Technology

If you are an business in need of support in any of these areas, or others, please contact us and we will endeavour to match you to the right person in our organisation who can assist.

We can also provide:

Help in funding materials research activities related to COVID-19. Assistance in coordination of responses for the SFI COVID-19 call or other international activities. Link up industry partners for supply, etc.

Collaborating Partners

Medical Devices & Delivery Systems



Industrial Technologies



Industry Testimonials

AMBER has been a valuable partner in the execution of the Glanbia R&D strategy. We especially value the ease of engagement and the proactive and creative approach of the AMBER team.

Integra Lifescience
AMBER has been an essential player in our peripheral nerve product development strategy for a number of years. The new product lines developed are a quantum leap in performance towards existing platforms. We have benefitted from the academic team’s experience and ability to “test drive” new approaches outside our normal R&D structure. Site visits by the academic team to our U.S. facilities have been invaluable.

The collaboration with AMBER has given Merck Cork access to state of the art analytical infrastructure that has enabled a deeper fundamental characterization understanding of our products which in turn has allowed us to implement additional manufacturing controls to improve product quality. The collaboration with AMBER is an important enabler to support our R&D agenda by increasing the technical capability of the Cork site.

Nokia Bell Labs
AMBER is currently considered as an exemplar academic collaborator across Bells Labs globally and for good reason. They stand out for their ability to engage with industry while delivering world leading scientific research. In my opinion they are a dream partner and acting as the executive sponsor I plan on growing this collaboration substantially.

Solvotrin Theraputics
AMBER is a meeting point of science, research and commercialization. With its infrastructure, expertise and culture, AMBER has helped Solvotrin build value by translating both basic and applied science into a practical, value-added product.

Thomas Swan
The output from our collaboration with AMBER forms the backbone for our commercialisation of graphene and 2D materials. We are seeking further opportunities for collaboration with the AMBER team.

Trinity Green Energies
TGE was able to attract and recruit the world class academic talent needed for the Trinity Green Energy project because of AMBER. Their people and reputation is the beacon that attracts the best international scientific talent and this allows business to get the best possible commercial result.

Western Digital
We partner with the best expertise we can find around the globe. As such, we are proud of our association with AMBER. We have found the exchanges to be open, highly intellectual, mutually respectful and of excellent technical and scientific content. We rank AMBER very highly amongst our other multiple external partners.

Collaborate with AMBER

AMBER has a strong emphasis on collaboration. Central to AMBER’s research remit are collaborative projects performed with industry partners, and working with academic, industry and wider stakeholder on international and national research programmes.

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