Children 4-6 years

AMBER’s infants classes (4 – 6 years old) resources focuses on how we, as scientists, investigate materials properties by taking inspiration from the plants and animals around us to make better materials for our everyday use. This process is called biomimicry and can be gently introduced to young learners by having them learn about plants and animals and investigate specific properties of nature and materials.

This programme focuses on integration of science lessons with literacy, drama, and design and make; developing children’s skills in working scientifically, while also meeting literacy and drama objectives. The modules provide teachers with a framework to build a narrative with young learners, with the express objective of developing oral language skills, cooperation, art, design, and STEM learning.

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Module 1: Theme – Staying dry and keeping clean

Some materials we use every day are waterproof and others absorb water. To encourage children’s inquiry, these concepts are placed in the context of natural and -man-made material. Students will sort, predict, and investigate the properties of waterproof material. They will also consider that if it is waterproof – it is much easier to clean. Some animals and plants that exhibit the wet/dry properties. Specifically, in this module we look at the differences between a cat, duck and lilypad.

Each module contains three lessons, with each lesson building from the experiences in the previous lesson. The key experiences assocated with each lesson are: Building Understanding through scientific inquiry; Building Empathy through drama and story telling and Building Ideas – design and make.

Teachers guide

1 Discovery and Experience Lesson Plan and Powerpoint
2 Understanding and Empathy Lesson Plan and Powerpoint
3 Application and Design Lesson Plan and Powerpoint


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