Children 10-12 years

The NanoWOW! Programme has been developed for children between 10-12 years old, but it is also suitable for older and younger children.

NanoWOW! includes short educational videos hosted by AMBER scientists to introduce the properties of materials, the concepts of scale and surface area, exploration of graphene one of the first nanomaterials to be found (and one that is inside a pencil!), discussion of where nanoscience could take us in the future, and how we are using nature to inspire new nanomaterials to solve common problems.

Each lesson has a combination of downloadable resources which include background information for parents and teachers, and details of experiments and learning activities for children.

1 Introduction to nanoscience: teachers information and Powerpoint
2 Properties of materials: lesson plan and Powerpoint

3 Scale and surface area: Lesson Plan and Powerpoint

4 Graphite to Graphene: Lesson Plan and Powerpoint

5 NanoWOWs – The future of Nano: Lesson Plan

6 Nano inspiration nano in nature: Lesson Plan

7 Nano inspiration nano in nature: Lesson Plan

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