The future of graphene?

This short video features research on graphene by Prof Jonathan Coleman, and considers its potential future applications. Prof Coleman is a world leader in graphene research and has collaborated with companies such as Thomas Swan Ltd. on the industrial scale-up of graphene. He is an Investigator in AMBER and in the School of Physics, Trinity College. He also leads a work package for the Graphene Flagship.

Listen back to Dr Garry Duffy interviewed on The Pat Kenny Show

Listen back to Dr Garry Duffy interviewed on The Pat Kenny Show, Newstalk on 19th May. Dr Duffy, Department of Anatomy and Tissue Engineering Research Group, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and AMBER Investigator, is coordinating the DRIVE (Diabetes Reversing Implants with enhanced Viability and long-term Efficacy) consortium which has received €8.9 million funding as part of the Horizon 2020 - Research and Innovation Framework Programme. The DRIVE programme will create thirteen new jobs in Ireland and it will develop natural materials and new surgical devices to enhance the transplant and survival of insulin producing pancreatic islets for the treatment of diabetes.

AMBER One Year On

AMBER is Science Foundation Ireland’s Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research Centre. It is one of the key drivers of Ireland’s growing international research reputation and this video celebrates our first year of research outputs. Ireland has been ranked 3rd in the world for nanoscience and 6th in the world for the quality of materials science research. Since our launch in late 2013, researchers at AMBER have announced four world first discoveries in the areas of materials science which have been internationally recognised. Materials science is one of the fastest growing sectors globally, impacting electronics, medical technologies, and pharmaceuticals. Ireland exports approximately €80 billion worth of these products annually.

Key milestones include:

> 21 companies working with us on 31 targeted projects

> 3 collaborating universities

> Over 300 publications

> 7 licenses to companies

> Securing over €7m in European funding and €3.5m from industry

Prof Coleman’s TEDx talk

Professor Jonathan Coleman, Researcher at Trinity College Dublin’s School of Physics and AMBER, the Science Foundation Ireland funded materials science centre joined 5 European Research Council (ERC) grantees, including a Nobel Prize winner, to speak at TEDx Brussels. Earlier in 2014, he discovered a new research method to produce large volumes of high quality graphene. At his TEDx talk on 1st December, he outlines his methods and findings - “Don’t try this at home: How the magic of nano-materials connects kitchen blenders, printers and rubber bands”.