Introduction to Nanoscience


Welcome to NanoWOW! – a primary science education programme!

Experiments, powerpoints and learning activities are beside each video below. These resources will take you through everything you need – so no prior experience of teaching is required.

By the 21st of May there will be 5 videos, numbered 1 through 5, with teaching tools for each video We recommend that parents, teachers and children work through the videos and resources in this order, but it’s not necessary! Our Introduction to Nanoscience powerpoint underpins the full programme and can be used with each video.

The NanoWOW! Programme has been developed for children between 10-12 years old, but it is also suitable for older and younger children. NanoWOW! includes short, fun and educational videos for children, hosted by AMBER scientists, and downloadable resources which include background information for parents and teachers, and details of experiments and learning activities for children. Everything that a primary school teacher, or parent of primary school child, will need to introduce children to this exciting and fast-moving area of science.

We’ll be rolling out a programme of virtual science events in coming months so please sign up to ScienceLive to register your interest. We really hope you enjoy using these resources but we would like to make sure they meet the needs of parents and teachers. Please tell us what you thought of NanoWOW via our feedback form at the bottom of this page and make sure to test your nano-knowledge with our 20 Nano-Questions Quiz! 

Video 1 Properties of materials

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Video 2 Scale and surface area

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Video 3 Graphite to Graphene

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Video 4 NanoWOWs: the future of nanoscience

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Video 5 Nano in Nature

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